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Macro Help!

Post by JustJosh » 28 Jun 2018 14:29

Hey Guys!

I emailed support asking for some assistance with macros but thought maybe it would be better to post on here.

1st macro I am after is a button that sends a selected clip to a new playlist. I'm not familiar with a keyboard shortcut that does this and was wondering if there was a work around.

2nd is applying an audiosuite effect. I use Vari-fi quite a lot and would love a macro that brings up the Var-Fi window. I've tried recording mouse clicks but find it a bit slow. Is there a way to speed up mouse movement maybe?

3rd, and this is probably a bit ambitious, but I usually have a track that I use for talkback. Is there a way to make a macro that I can press that will activate the input monitoring on that specific track.

And lastly memory markers. I've figured how to add and show markers but I can't seem to figure out how to jump to those memory locations.

Thanks for all your great work!


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Re: Macro Help!

Post by ~ufo~ » 29 Jun 2018 09:32

Hi Josh!

The 1st is probably in the preset macros, if not, I might have one for you. I'll look later.

the 2nd: when you make a macro there's an option to open a pro tools menu item. Since vari-fi is in your audiosuite window, that's what I would try to use to create a macro to open vari-fi.

3rd: uhm.... dunno, I'd have to ponder on that. Maybe the support people can cook one up for you.

Lastly, on the memory markers: I seem to recall covering that in one of my videos.
Have you checked my dtouch tips & tricks videos on youtube?

I've got them in this playlist along with a few other Dtouch and touchscreen related videos: ... y6Xqs1p7vi

Please do subscribe to my studio1on1 channel, which is the youtube channel of my online teaching platform (online 1on1 music production teaching sessions). ... C2OIv1QJuQ

Hope this helps,

Yvo van Gemert
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