Setting up is hard to do

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Re: Setting up is hard to do

Post by DT_bettinzana » 17 May 2019 13:37

Hello n0nspaz,

when we designed and improved DTouch, we followed the suggestions of some users, the majority of them. Every aspect of a SW is a tradeoff.
The vast majority of the users have a 27" touchscreen for obvious economical reasons. They need a minimum size for the buttons. You have a 40" touchscreen and you wanted resizability, etc ...
Unfortunately, we cannot invest hours and hours in making all the GUI resizable; due to the niche market for these products (and I include the Raven too ... check the position in the sold number list of some web-shop compared to the classic 8 motorfaders units and you will understand) we should multiply the pricelist 5 times.

The same for the custom panels, etc ...

You don't want the keyboard buttons on the screen? Many others need them.

The manual will be reviewed soon because we will never support the "standard mode" in the next versions of DTouch.

And, last but not least, if you want a more deep mixer ... I can say that we will never implement it for many and many technical reasons.

All this said, I think that DTouch is not for you and we will never customize it on the suggestions of a single user. I could seem rude, but this is our job and we must have profits from our products.

I think that you can understand my thinking.
Silvano Bettinzana
Devil Technologies

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