What r you guys doing to DTOUCH!!!!!

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What r you guys doing to DTOUCH!!!!!

Post by mkazeta » 18 May 2019 02:50

It seems like years since I been waiting to buy DTOUCH for Pro Tools, is it a new completely new DTOUCH cause it's taking this long it seems like a new one was made....I hope it hasn't been all this time for a small change, it was fine "don't fix it if not broken " am sure most of us have heard that saying one time in our life's...How much longer please give US and estimate time wen we r going to see the new DTOUCH a month ago I was told 2 weeks it's been a month we all just want the app that's it ...an estimate would be great of how long is going to take

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Re: What r you guys doing to DTOUCH!!!!!

Post by ~ufo~ » 22 May 2019 05:51

Personally I wouldn't expect a big change to DTouch for PT at this point.

Sure there's still some improvements to be made, but overal it doesn't seem broken to me and it does what I want it to do.
Minor tweaks and added features aside, I think because of the limited possibilities (because of no Eucon), there will not be revolutionary updates to DT4PT as far as we can see.
That's the last I heard though.
I might be wrong.
Yvo van Gemert
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Re: What r you guys doing to DTOUCH!!!!!

Post by DT_bettinzana » 22 May 2019 14:03

~ufo~ wrote:
22 May 2019 05:51
I might be wrong.
You aren't wrong.
In our opinion DTouch for PT is pretty stable and at the moment we haven't many ideas for improvement.
Silvano Bettinzana
Devil Technologies

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