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DFader Support for Mackie Controllers (Using Midi CC) limitations ?

Posted: 30 Jul 2019 11:32
by cpia2002
Hi All,

Long time user of Dtouhc + DFader here. Have loads of VST's and use my Icon Platform X+ as a Midi CC controller through DFader, with multiple profile, so can switch on the File the Midi settings for each fader with just a click of the button.
Now DFader (And Dtouch i believe) supports generic Mackie Controllers with 8 faders, and even has a profile for Platform + and the faders all work perfectly for their assigned Midi CC ......BUT......

My Platform X+ also has 8 Rotary Encoders and 32 buttons; which i can ASSIGN with the included Icon X+ editor, BUT don't show up in DFader (Only the 8 Faders ) , which means if i use DFader and its many profiles, I only have access to 8 Midi ccs on the faders, even though alot of the plugins i use, have many more assignable / learnable Midi values etc

My Question is, is this limitation of DFader inherent to the way it is programmed or maybe the limitations of the MCU profile; Or Could it be possible for the DFader to be updated so i can also use the 8 Encoders to assign much more Midi vaules?

This would be an excellent addition for myself if you were able to implement this; I would be able to control 16 Midi values instead of 8 per profile. I Understand the clue is in the name (DFader) but could you please let me know if this would be possible in the editor of the program ?

Like i previously said, i can use Icon X+ editor to program every Knob and button , but that leaves me with one profile - as to upload a different one, you have to close your Daw etc and then load up the editor.

Was not sure whether to also put this in Wishlist, but it may be worth while in here to start a discussion on the topic.

Re: DFader Support for Mackie Controllers (Using Midi CC) limitations ?

Posted: 31 Jul 2019 16:57
by cpia2002
Nobody? :( Or is team away atm .

Pij :D

Re: DFader Support for Mackie Controllers (Using Midi CC) limitations ?

Posted: 01 Aug 2019 19:58
by DT_bettinzana
Our developers are on Summer vacation. I will check with them at the end of August.

Thank you for your patience.