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Re: Workspaces...

Post by pablo1980 » 22 Nov 2019 00:11

DT_bettinzana wrote:
21 Nov 2019 14:07
pablo1980 wrote:
19 Nov 2019 13:16
One issue I am having is that if I make a dtouch workspace with the buttons folders closed and then go back to one with them open, they don´t reappear (floating mixers and navpad come back though), I have to press the folder button twice to make them show up, is that a bug or by design?

Everything seems OK here.
Are you sure that folders aren't hidden behind the Cubase or other windows? This could happen if you have switched-off the "Always on top" for the folders.
No, there´s nothing on top of them, it has happened to me for a while, I will try to make a video to explain better.

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