Using Peavey PC1600X with DFADER

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Using Peavey PC1600X with DFADER

Post by cpia2002 » 29 Jan 2020 10:16

Hi Dtouch team,

A lovely Peavey pc1600x has come to my attention and i would love to use its 16 faders with the DFADER app, but i think that would not be possible , as it has no buiilt in MACKIE MCU extra.

I would love to add this fader to my studio as have wanted one for a while, but would like to use it with DFADER , as the snapshot function + 16 faders would be amazing.

Is this something you could easily do ? Even add a 16 fader midi cc option in settings? Or is it a bit more complicated ?




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Re: Using Peavey PC1600X with DFADER

Post by DT_support » 29 Jan 2020 15:53

The Peavey PC1600X is NOT a HUI or Mackie_Control controller. So, you cannot use it with DFader.

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