customisable MIDI controller page/field

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customisable MIDI controller page/field

Post by ~ufo~ » 02 Jan 2017 08:58


I know we've talked about this before to some extent but I would like to add this to the wish list:

a way to have (preferably resizable) floating windows which we can populate with midi controllers.
Sliders, buttons or button-faders like you use for scrub sensitivity etc (I don't know what that's called).
It should be easy to customise these and have/make different ones we can use for different things.
For example a Virtual Instrument could use different CC numbers to change between articulations, legato types etc.
A monitor controller could be controllable via MIDI.
We could make these virtual MIDI controllers for all kinds of things and even share them between users.

I know there are companies/products who already do this sort of thing, but maybe it would be nice if we can have support for something like that built in to DTouch or have your own engine to do it.
As a simpler version for now, it would be nice if we could have the option to create a macro button which allows us to create CC data in the way much like the center zone of the navpad does. I would immediate create a macro folder with pitch bend, modulation and a bunch of CCs.
Or can we already do this?

(appologies if this is incoherent, I just woke up and I'm sick :) )
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