Interesting touchscreen tech at CES 2019

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Interesting touchscreen tech at CES 2019

Post by ~ufo~ » 15 Jan 2019 09:37

Not as much development as would like to have seen, but some interesting products:

Lapscreen: ... gs=pl%2Cwn

LG IN-touch: ... gs=pl%2Cwn

Lenovo Yoga Book: ... gs=pl%2Cwn

Lenovo Yoga AIO: (surface studio competitor) ... gs=pl%2Cwn

Vinpok split: ... gs=pl%2Cwn

Did I miss anything?
Yvo van Gemert
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Re: Interesting touchscreen tech at CES 2019

Post by DT_bettinzana » 21 Jan 2019 21:12

For sure you missed something :D

They seem interesting, but not so interesting for us audio-tech, compared to what we already have, in my opinion.

I very like this news from CES:
For me they are infringing some patents (Fairlight Xynergi and, probably, Studer Vistonics), but I like it. Coupled with a medium size touch-area it would be my dream compact mixing/editing control surface.
Unfortunately, I am still convinced that I would receive a legal letter from Blackmagic Design (now owner of Fairlight) if I would design and market something like this.
Silvano Bettinzana
Devil Technologies

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